26 Apr

Have you tried Lipsense?

Its been a while since I have posted with family and work getting in the way, but I am back and hopefully be posting far more often. So much has happened over the summer but I really, really want to tell you about a new product a friend gave to me called Lipsense.

Its a new(ish) lipstick that doesn’t kiss off, rub off or smear and can last for over 18 hours!!! OMG right? I tried it and it lived up to its hype, no more trips to the powder room all night to look after your lips or those embarrasing moments when your lipstick is on everything; your top, glass, your hot date :)

Lipsense is a bit hard to buy, you need a distributor but I found one that sells online at Wild Orchid Beauty which makes it easier. I used a beautiful Pink called “Kiss for a Cause” but there are colours for everyone. I am going to get a few more very soon. Here is the one I wore recently:


Anyway I have more news to come, so stay tuned, but in the meantime grab some Lipsense products you will love it.

22 Dec

What are the latest summer fashion trends?

If you are looking to save a little money and prepare for summer, then now is the time to begin shopping. While there are many styles and trends that will be coming out in fashion this upcoming season, there are many stylish clothes that were available last year that you can pick up for an extreme discount right now. Ensuring that you are ready for summer this season is incredibly easy and all you need to do is find things that will match up to this seasons fashions and color pallets to be in with the hottest trends.

What to look for?

It seems as though bright colors, floral prints, and backless dresses and tops will be in this season. Many of the fashions hitting the runways are sporting these hot trends in preparation for this summer. However what some people don’t immediately realize is that there are some things from last summer that match these trends pretty well and can be found on sale racks and for huge discounts in stores with huge sales. Not only will you be able to get these trends for less, but you can save some of your money for the newer fashions that you may like even more once summer is finally here.


Some Examples

Floral shorts are definitely going to be in this upcoming summer and when paired with a relaxed fit blouse of a solid color will create a great deal of balance to the look. Lace is also coming back into style and more so of the peek-a-boo variety. Another shocking trend is leather dresses which are designed to make your shape seem airy when made in light colors. Crop tops are also in once again and you can show as much or as little as you are comfortable with this summer as there are no rules. Finally, backless dresses are in and can be found in a variety of wonderful hues, however bright and light are what will be high on the trending lists.

Saving and Trending

You can find many examples of these styles in stores and online now, and the bonus is that you can get them for less than you will this upcoming summer. Now you won’t have to worry about spending all your money on a new wardrobe, and can set aside a bit extra for something truly fabulous. Like Coach or Gucci.

19 Dec

Real Tan vs a Fake Tan

Ever since the invention of the fake tanner, there has been a constant feud as to which one is better or better for you. However, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration when attempting to solve this constant war of the sun kissed skin looks. There are also many pros and cons that should be considered when determining which is better and which is technically better for you. You should also consider that everyone’s skin is different and there are also many things that should be considered for yourself as you could be allergic to something that someone else is not.

Real Tan

Everyone knows that tanning in the sun can cause skin cancer due to the levels of UV light that you are exposing your skin to. Many dermatologists even say that while the sun can be good for you, if you are out in the sun long enough to tan, you were in the sun too long. While many people argue that their tanning lotions have SPF sunblock in the product, or that they separate their exposure to the sun over a set course of time, it is difficult to say whether it is really better for you as there are still risks.


Fake Tan

Those who use fake tanning lotions and bronzers say that it is better for you as they don’t obtain the tanned tone to their skin via the sun. However what they don’t consider is the chemicals that they are using on their skin and whether there is a potential risk through exposure to these chemicals. You also have the risk of whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the self-tanner that you are using. Many products out there for fake tans are simply not healthy and if you choose the wrong product you may end up with some unpleasant side effects.


Having bronze colored skin simply isn’t worth the risks that you will have to put yourself through to obtain the color that you want. However if you have to choose one it would probably be the fake tan as you can always read the ingredients list to see if there is anything excessively harmful in the product you choose. You can also counteract some of the effect such as dry skin with a moisturizer to rehydrate the skin after using the fake tan product.

15 Dec

Healthy Foods to Eat in Summer

There are many amazing foods that you can enjoy during the summer, however sometimes some of these summer foods aren’t exactly all that healthy. It is important to know what to indulge in during the summer months while avoiding the things that you should probably limit a bit more harshly. Here we have compiled a list of delicious foods that you can enjoy all summer long without having to completely hold back. What’s even better is that this means you can still likely enjoy some of these wonderful foods now rather than waiting for summer to finally arrive.

Summer Fruits


Let’s face it, if there is one thing that everyone looks forward to during the summer, it is all the amazing fruit. An added benefit is that many of these fruits contain nutritional values that will only better your health in the long run and you can enjoy as much of them as you like. Tart Cherries can help with weight loss as well as many other benefits like decrease pain after workouts and sleeping better at night. Tomatoes are also on the list as they contain lycopene which is like a natural sunblock, though you should still use sunscreen. Watermelon is another delicious summer treat and contain lots of water which will help keep you cool while satisfying your hunger.

Summer Vegetables

While not everyone is on Team Veggies, they are delicious and also contain many benefits that you may not realize were actually there. Corn is high on the list of summer foods to enjoy and contain anti-aging anti-oxidants plus it tastes great steamed, grilled, or in just about any recipe you choose to make, simply dash a little salt and real butter and you are good to go. Salads are also an excellent summer food to help you stay healthy and always make a wonderful lunch when it is simply too hot outside to do anything like cooking.

Summer Extras

There are simply some things that we enjoy during the summer that don’t fit in the fruit or veggie family, but we like them anyways and they are good for you as well. Iced Coffee has made the healthy list as European scientists are theorizing that coffee may help to prevent the development of skin cancer. Iced Tea also has many benefits to it that will help you stay cool this summer as well as the amazing anti-oxidants that it possesses.